A Fiberart International story with Rae Gold

In advance of Fiberart International 2022, we are publishing a series of posts with artists and Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh members who have been involved in past FI exhibits. Today we feature a story about connections and friendship from artist Rae Gold.

In 2016 the Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh held their Fiberart International exhibition. I’ve always loved having visiting artists stay with me so I signed up. I learned that my guest, Maja Gecic, would be coming from Serbia and because she had to get a visa to come here, she had to stay for a week. Usually, my guests stay for the weekend and that’s it. I wondered what I would do with a stranger for a whole week. On the other end in Belgrade, Maja was wondering what she was going to do with an old woman (she is in her forties) since she figured out how old I was. I held up her name at the airport so she could find me, we met, and we soon became fast friends. We went to the various museums and galleries our city offered. She won a prize in the exhibit, which was delightful.

Maja is a teacher and lecturer at The College of Textile Design, Technology, and Management, and she invited me to come teach and be part of a show in their Museum of Applied Art the following January, which I did. It was a wonderful experience to teach three dimensional felt vessels to her students using their wool which was very different from what I use in the United States. Meeting her family and friends and other artists while there was another bonus.

Maja Cecic, left, with Rae Gold, center, and students.

We have remained in touch ever since.  My life has been enriched by meeting and knowing her.

About Rae Gold:

A BFA graduate of Carnegie Institute of Technology in Graphic Design, Rae Gold has been self-employed for 30 years. Making wearable art, she exhibited in such shows as American Craft Baltimore, Philadelphia Museum Craft Show, and the Smithsonian Craft show.

She was the Co-Director of Fiberart International 2About 019.

Gold’s work has been published in books, including Worldwide Colors of Felt, by Ellen Bakker, The Surface Designer’s Handbook, by Holly Brackmann, and Dimensional Cloth by Andra Stanton.

For the last seven years Gold has devoted her creative life to working with three dimensional felt forms, taking classes from the finest dimensional instructors from around the world. She is now sharing her experience and knowledge with new students through Contemporary Craft virtual classes.

About Maja Gecic:

Gecic studied at the Schools for Design in Belgrade, the University of Arts in Serbia, and the University of Art and Design in Helsinki, Finland. She has exhibited extensively throughout Europe and is the recipient of several awards. She currently teaches at the College of Textile Design, Technology, and Management in Belgrade.

For information about applying to Fiberart International: https://fiberartinternational.org/fi-2022-exhibition/