Meet the Jurors for FI2016: Chunghie Lee

“I see this patchwork as a metaphor for human life. We may feel ourselves to be as random pieces of fabric, alone and without meaning, but God’s hand places us together in a beautiful composition which has great harmony and meaning.”

∼ Chunghie Lee




Chungie Lee is a fiber artist and writer who lectures in Seoul, Korea; the Rhode Island School of Design; and the Evtek Institute of Art & Design in Finland. Her study of Pojagi (traditional Korean wrapping cloths) has inspired wall pieces, sculptures, and wearable work.



The heart of Ms. Lee’s work is the theme of “no-name woman:”

“My main philosophy of my work is about the “No-Name Woman” who lived faithfully under some limited and oppressed society in the past. (These “No-Name Women”) worked so hard for their family… they grew the plants, and out of them they made the thread that they hand-spun and wove. And then, they made clothing for their family, and out of scraps they made wonderful pojagi, which is a Korean traditional wrapping cloth, which is my main medium.”

Hear more from Chungie Lee about her work, visit her website, and get a glimpse of her lovely exhibition at the 2011 Kaunas Biennial: