FI 2016 Exhibition

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Katie Alley_For Mom, Love Wins

Brigitte Amarger, QR Code Tattoo 2

Margery Amdur_Amass #6

Jim Arendt_Catherine


Pati Beachley_I wish he would help with the baby

Marie Bergstedt_Terry

Beth Blankenship_Spill Baby Spill

Eszter Bournemisza_Requiem

Riana Bovill_Looking Back

George-Ann Bowers, Lichen Party Frock

Elizabeth Brandt_Hidden Path

Melissa Campbell_Our Sons

Si-Yun Chang_Secret Garden

Peter Clouse_Redirect

JoAnna Commandaros_Mothers Milk

Deborah Corsini_Storm Watch

April Dauscha_Custody of the Tongue (Veiling)_Still

Susan Doyle_Columbia

Sheila Ferri_Grandfather Knolls Best

Julie Garner_Door 11

Maja Gecic,_ In Memoriam

Jenne Giles_Bomb Pop

Ingrid Goldbloom_Feminine Protection

Meredith Grimsley_Deep Horizon

Jo Hamilton_Masks,Clockface

Sandra Jane Heard_Indigenous Expulsion

Barbara Heller_One Way

Susan Hotchkis_Embrace

Cynthia Hron_Back Pain E #1

SamMaster copy

Emily Jan_Ragnarok

Raija Jokinen_Creating Skin

Amy Keefer_Dentata

Patricia Kennedy-Zafred_Tagged

Joyce Watkins King_Henna Eyes

Alexandra Kirsch_Expression

Brigitte Kopp_Soft Overcome

Kate Kretz_Cognitive Dissonance-Buttercup

Julie Benedicte Lambert_Silence Series I,II,III

June Lee_ Bystander

Janice Lessman-Moss_#445

Gwen Lowery_Aurora Tower Trio


Penny Mateer and Martha Wasik, _This Revolution Will Not Be Televised #13 Protest Series

Dorothy McGuinness_Tetrahedron 3

Rachel Meginne_Sleep Cycle (1)

Erin Miller_Fish Touching Me

Andrea Myers_SplitSpectrum

Pauline Nijenhuis_Snellandschap Luchtweg-Airway Fast Landscape

Amber O’Harrow_Intestine Necklace

Naoe Okamoto_Wearing Light and Shadow Only

Mary Pal_The Drifter

Leslie Pearson_Conductive Apparatus

Marianne Penberthy

Jennifer Pettus_Grains and Buries

Shawn Quinlan_The Robber Barons Second Act

Dafna Rehavia_Cutting

Emma Rhodes_Building Material

Josh Richards_Fencing (One)

Jason Ripper_Blood and Bone

Chloe Sachs_Nerites (1)

Chloe Sachs_Selkie (1)

Chloe Sachs_Ondine

Gwen Samuels_Butting Head Ram

Ellen Schiffman_A Rift is Just a Chance to Grow

Maria Shell_Tribe

Ashley Smith_Call Boys by a Wrong Name to Remind Them How Unimportant They Are

Gerri Spilka_Interactions #7

Brooks Stevens_Disassembled Past

Claire Taylor_Produce of USA

Steve Totin_Plasterra (White)

Maria Carolina Varela Vial_Siembra Nocturna

Makiko Wakisaka_Erosion

Gizella Warburton_Ritual Form XII

Sarah Wiideman_In Absentia 1

Dawn Williams Boyd_The Artist’s Muse

_Rena Wood,_Unravelled

Charlotte Ziebarth_Half Moon Bay

Lori Zimmerman_Mending, Roe V Wade