Fuzzy Mall

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada – Applique portrait

Written by Karen Womack

Fuzzy Mall transitioned from a self taught painter to a self taught textile artist.    He grew up in Pittsburgh and credits his upbringing for his strong work ethic.  For many years he worked a full time job and then put in hours in his studio creating art.

At one time he had a studio in his garage, and on a day he planned for creating discovered that his paints were frozen. He made a three-color portrait on a jacket, wore the jacket and started getting orders.  His wife accepted a job in Canada and they moved to Hamilton, Ontario. 


His first applique portrait project, Meeting Strangers, was created in the early days of adjusting to Hamilton. It involved introducing himself to a random person, taking a photo, and creating applique art.  He asked the recipient to pay it forward and to tell their friends about him if they liked the finished piece.

Rae Barnett

Using a photo as a base, he sketches, hand cuts and hand sews his art.    The foundation is felt, and he estimates that 90% of the fabrics he uses to build the design are reclaimed from clothes and home textiles such as curtains, bed sheets, etc.  He taps into the tradition of quilting and painted portraits to make contemporary art.

Emma Clarke

Fuzzy likes doing things that bring people joy, and attempts to make art to counter the “depressing” news cycle.

Fuzzy is excited to have a work accepted into Fiberart International 2022.  This will be his first exhibit in Pittsburgh in 6 years.  He plans to attend the show and will extend his to see family, friends and wander through his hometown.

Website:  www.-Quiltedportrait.net
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