Lia Porto

Buenos Aires, Argentina – Painter Mixed Media

Written by Karen Womack

Lia Porto explored textile art when she realized that many of her paintings were inspired by textiles.
Her theme is hybridization – the intersection of painting, textiles, ornaments and other art mediums.

She was a lawyer and worked in the legal profession for many years, writing legal briefs and opinions.  At one point she realized that she loved to write and wrote poetry from a young age.  Words became insufficient to express her thoughts, so she investigated other mediums.  Home textiles inspired her painting because “they carry a lot of symbolic information”.

Her work is inspired by nature.  She layers her pieces with paint, textiles, ornament and found objects.  Lia’s work includes representations of world cultures in constant exchange.

Lia would like patrons to know that her work is layered.  Take time to stop and study – various themes and meanings will be revealed as you contemplate each layer of the piece.

Lia plans to attend the opening reception, and looks forward to talking about her process.

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