Written by Jean Thomas

More about material fiber artists choose.

Lori Lupe Pelish FI07 artist

In my recent blog post I wrote about some of the unusual fiber materials that were chosen by artists whose work is in previous Internationals. So now it’s time to survey the usual or more frequent choices.

Tilleke Schwarz-FI07 artist

Cotton wins by far, with muslin being a frequent choice. For example, in the 2007 catalog I spotted 21 pieces that included some form of cotton fabric.

Jan Myers-Newbury – FI07 artist

Wool was next (mainly in woven pieces) followed by silk.

Ariadna Donner – FI07 artist

Not surprisingly wool was the principal fiber in weaving and tapestry.

Alana Tyson _FI07 artist

Silk appears in such works as “Shroud#3” by Tim Harding and

Tim Harding – FI04 artist

”Sea Anemone” by Yvonne Wakabayashi.

Yvonne Wakabayashi – FI07 artist

What is perhaps more interesting is the ways in which materials are utilized, combined and/or altered. Which led me to techniques for lack of a better term. I will discuss them in following posts.