Fuzzy Mall

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada – Applique portrait

Written by Karen Womack

Fuzzy Mall transitioned from a self taught painter to a self taught textile artist.    He grew up in Pittsburgh and credits his upbringing for his strong work ethic.  For many years he worked a full time job and then put in hours in his studio creating art.

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Lia Porto

Buenos Aires, Argentina – Painter Mixed Media

Written by Karen Womack

Lia Porto explored textile art when she realized that many of her paintings were inspired by textiles.
Her theme is hybridization – the intersection of painting, textiles, ornaments and other art mediums.

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Jacobo Alonso

Mexico City, Mexico – Paper & mixed media

Written by Karen Womack

Jacobo Alonso’s is inspired by the human body – how it moves, how it is seen, and how it functions over time.

His first theme was body in constant movement and he began by making paper impressions of his own body.  The paper was treated with fire to make the impressions. One day he filmed himself and realized he was making performance art. 

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Fiberart International 2022

Written by Karen Womack

Welcome to the Fiberart International 2022 (FI2022) new series of blog posts. Fiberart International 2022 is our juried exhibition that seeks to exhibit the best of contemporary art and will be held June 3rd to August 20th at the Brew House Association and Contemporary Craft in Pittsburgh, PA. Expect to see a wide range of works related to the fiber medium that were created by artists worldwide. We’ve posted a sneak peek of the entries on Facebook, Instagram and our website Fiberart International 2022.

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Interview with Adrienne Sloane

With Fiberart International 2022 coming up we wanted to check on artists who participated in previous exhibitions, see what they are up to now and how participating in the exhibition impacted them.

Written by Katie Bulova

Adrienne Sloane is a two-time participant of Fiberart International and a 2007 Fiberart International award winner. She found the experience well-organized and was particularly impressed with how well the Fiberart International leadership treated the artists.

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The Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh presents 3 new programs, please join us!
Fiberart International 2019 is still on view in Pittsburgh through August 24, 2019 at Contemporary Craft and Brew House Association galleries., Three free programs will introduce you to FI2019 exhibitors. who will discuss their work, and their approach to practicing art in the fiber medium. We invite you to join us, see the show and engage in conversation with these talented artists!

August 17 Saturday – 2:00-4:00


Pati Beachley

Patricia Kennedy-Zafred

Melinda Stees






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A Dialogue with FI19 Artist Louise Silk

When: Tuesday July 16, 2019 11am to 1pm
Where: Contemporary Craft in the Strip District. 2100 Smallman St., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222

Join us for a presentation by Louise Silk at Contemporary Craft. Louise, a Fiberart International 2019 artist and author, will speak about her “giant” blue jean piece in the gallery, how her process evolved, her well known memory quilts and why she uses recycled materials. Bring a lunch or have lunch in the Strip following her talk.

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